The end of Yamaha love affair

Ever since I saw, rather heard, the Yamaha RX100 as a kid, owning a motorcycle was one of the biggest reason for my existence. Owning a motorcycle meant owning a Yamaha. I’d still want to own one of this in my garage just for nostalgia’s sake – but it’s a 2-stroke engine that hurts our environment much faster than the current 4-strokes. So, I’ll let this one pass.

Yamaha Rx 100

The love for Yamaha continued over years in spite of them making really sad 4-stroke motorcycles through my school and college days. I eventually settled down for a Yamaha Libero (no, not the ugly eye) that served me well for half a lakh kilometers. It just felt like another run-of-the-mill machine after a year or so. But I got to say, even after 11 years, starting it is a single kick away.

Yamaha Libero 2004 Model

However, the ‘real’ Yamaha experience happened when I bought the Yamaha YZF R15 2.0 – what a beauty. There are many ways to describe a motorcycle, but the only way to describe the R15 is that it becomes an extension of you. It makes you want to lean. It makes you want to ride faster. It wants you to push your limits every time you ride it. Once in a while, it makes you feel like Valentino Rossi!

Yamaha R15 V 2.0.jpg


A few months ago, my dream of wanting to ride the Yamaha R6 came came true and it deserves a post of it’s own. It was completely worth the 12 years I had to wait to finally get my hands on the pristine beauty – a story I’ll hold back for another day.

With every year, you learn to understand yourself better and as you expand your horizon of understanding motorcycles, you yearn for more. Along came the Kawasaki Versys 650 bringing an end to my love for Yamaha.

Or is there a twist in this love story? Read on…

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