A Ninja at the heart

The Versys hasn’t arrived yet. I was pretty excited and couldn’t resist the temptation to visit the Kawasaki/KTM showroom. So what if the Versys wasn’t there yet, a quick glance at the Ninja should hopefully help quench some of the thirst.


It definitely did! Thing is, I’ve never bothered looking closely at a Ninja 650 before and it’s a fantastic motorcycle for sure. The green on this one is definitely the best green ever on a Ninja. It’s a sports tourer and didn’t feel heavy at all. Start the engine, and it’s a very low grunt although I did wish it was a little more refined.

Honestly, I loved the grunt when I test rode the Benelli  600GT – oh boy, the in-line four cylinder engines are always a music to the ears. The lack of ABS, weight, and of course the bulkiness held me back from considering this one. However, the build quality, fit and finish really surprised me.

A year ago, I came to the conclusion that 500-600cc engine would be ideal for Indian road conditions and after my first experience on a tourer (Suzuki V-Strom), any other motorcycle type was going to be a compromise.

Back to Kawasaki – the 650cc platform has 3 motorcycles – the Street ER-6n (a sore to the eyes from certain angles), the sporty Ninja 650 (a beauty with no ABS), and now the tourer Versys 650 (with ABS).

So, what do we have here then? A Ninja at it’s heart for the corners but a tourer in it’s mind for munching miles with utmost comfort. What an exciting prospect!


It’s a pity then that it doesn’t come in green…


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