The first service blues & greens…

One of the big worries of buying a recently launched or even a higher capacity motorcycle is what really happens after it’s been purchased. It’s more like a relationship – days leading to the proposal are always more exciting than what really happens post that. No one around you actually cares from then on. They just assume a fairytale ending.

I’m continuing to have a tough time trying to keep my KTM Duke 200 running and was definitely concerned about it when buying a Kawasaki Versys 650 considering both are run by Bajaj. But hey, how can one miss an opportunity to be the psychotic rickshawalla of one’s dreams.  The sales experience was surprisingly smooth and some wonderful people through the entire process.

A service at 1000km was going to be my first experience on how things would look like in the coming years. Booked an appointment. Went in early. Waited for everyone to turn up and then the service manager took over. While I was waiting for the work to get done, I couldn’t stop drooling over the greens in the showroom. Were they trying to indicate something?


The overall experience was impressive and I wish it continues to be so. Guess it helps when you are still an exclusive customer.

Washing was clean. Oil and filter changes were swift. The final checks were thorough. I loved that they allowed me to watch the work being done and even answered some curious questions. They were full of smiles, excited, and willing to listen to my concerns. Such a joy! (Note to self: Get a paddock stand)

I was taken aback when the service manager decided to fix a broken indicator himself (remember I put it down on first day?). He ensured it was all sorted and even asked me not to bother changing it. All this, more than enough for me to feel that I could be in good hands.

When I was riding back after spending a few hours, five thousand rupees, and some good discussion , I knew it was all worth it. At least for now, the blues have gone and the green lights are in!

6000km or 6 months from here… Something tells me that the kilometers will come sooner.

10 thoughts on “The first service blues & greens…

    • Hey Anupam, I don’t have a FB page for this. I’d rather keep it on WordPress where there is more possibility of rich media posting 🙂


      • I respect your decision but i have got one more request for you 😀 . As you know in India every one is hell bent over fairing bike and there is hardly any proper discussion over adventure/ touring bike. As a xbhp member i will like to invite you to forum. please open a “Ownership Reviews and Experiences” here this will help lots of bikers who are going to buy it plus, we all will have mass discussion over pros and cons of this bike. [ i’m asking cos there is neither any 650 versys thread or tiger 800 or any other adv bike which are now available in India] . So kindly think about it.
        Cheers 🙂


      • Versy 650 – First impression, ride, & service. I guess they decided not to approve it or if it’s still pending approval, then it’s not worth the wait!


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