Registering the Versys 650

It’s easy to assume that everything will be smooth when one spends so much money purchasing a motorcycle and only a handful of us actually do it. However, as much I was impressed by the pre-sales of Kawasaki Begumpet, I was thoroughly disappointed by how the actual sales process happened.

A sales manager is expected to close the sale and sort most of the issues out without customers having to trouble him for it. Not to be…

  • On the day of delivery, they didn’t give the motorcycle manual. To pick it up, I had to go all the way to their showroom.
  • A couple of weeks after delivery, they hadn’t shared details of a broker because the sales manager thought I could save 300 INR that I’d pay to a broker to get the motorcycle registered (after just burning 7.5L on it). Wow!
  • They didn’t talk about Form 20 & 21 until it was 3 days to expiry of the temporary registration. These wouldn’t hand it over in person either. They made me go around in circles.
  • When I finally go to the RTA to get the motorcycle registered, the best thing happens. There is a guy who’s only job is to trace the chassis number on Form 20 with a pencil. That’s what he does for a living! This guy tries & gives up on getting it done for my Versys 650 and even ends up tearing the document in the process.
  • Also, remember to take a bill for a helmet purchase, you don’t want that to be the last reason

Better still, he has the audacity to ask me to go to the showroom so they can remove the fairing and just to get the number traced. Yeah, that’s how things roll here. He’s got absolutely nothing to lose.

Eventually, I had to squat below the fairing for half an hour and get the chassis number traced on the Form 20. This on a mid-summer Hyderabad afternoon. So much for a seamless buyer & registration experience of a premium motorcycle.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.28.36 PM

PS: The chassis number can be found right behind the headlight on the right front suspension. If you plan to buy a Versys in Hyderabad, walking into the Kachiguda showroom would be a better idea.


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