Saturday morning ritual

Tea and me go a long way.  People who know me are aware that I would go to any extent for a good cup of tea. I can smell or even see and tell how good or bad the tea is going to be. Although it’s nowhere close to being as complicated as wine tasting, tea tasting has it’s own charm. Sometimes, I even use Google Maps to keep track of places where I’ve had good tea.


Why did I just talk about this? Because, I have made it a habit of getting up early on Saturday mornings to ride about 100km to have a good cup of tea. No doubt, it’s best way to unwind after a hectic week at office and a fantastic excuse to ride the Versys regularly on the highway.

The first time I went on such a ride to one of my favorite drive-in cafe, Hill Park on the Bangalore Highway, I ended up seeing a bunch of riders from Pune riding their (loud) Harley on their way to Bangalore. It’s always nice to see proper riders – the kind that is fully geared up and well packed.


But then, there are 2 type of riders: ones who want the world to hear they are riding and ones who want to hear the wind as they are riding. Now, clearly, these riders belonged to the former and me to the latter. The quietness and refinement of a motorcycle are probably the first two things on my list when I choose a motorcycle. I use the same parameters to judge other riders too. Sorry for the bias, gentlemen.

The second time I was performing this ritual, I ended up seeing something oddly familiar – another Versys but nothing about it was similar to mine. It was jazzed up, looked fancy and stood next to an extremely well maintained Triumph Tiger.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Meet Avi (mobike008), the person who wrote his first impression of the Versys in Hyderabad sitting on the display unit that was eventually sold to me. First and second owners  of Versys 650 in Hyderabad finally get to meet each other. Just as a perspective, a grand number of 4 Versys 650 have been sold in Hyderabad, the third I recently saw parked in the service center after it had  met with an accident (godspeed for the next ride). I’m still waiting to see the fourth one.

The third time was a planned one thanks to Avi. The weather couldn’t have been any better. Srisailam highway from Hyderabad is probably the best getaway road from the city. We were in for some pleasant surprises that included:

  • a brand new hotel which servers good tea & coffee along with tasty food.
  • catching up with fellow Hyderabadi bikers on Triumph, Harley, and a Moto Guzzi Griso
  • more importantly a trail to do some off-roading which was both fun and scary at the same time.

IMG_20160910_084759 (1).jpg

All I can say is that this ritual is becoming very addictive and hope I keep discovering more places that serve good tea and riders who like to hear the wind more than the thump of their own motorcycles.

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