Lord Shiva, Jyotirlingas, Versys 650 and me

I love practicing yoga as much as I love riding my motorcycles. It’s also true that I love playing cricket as much as I love riding motorcycles. Of course, I occasionally ride to my practice sessions but that’s never enough, isn’t it. Also, carrying a heavy kit bag doesn’t make it a pleasurable experience.

The better option would be to ride to places of spiritual significance. That being said, it’s important to also find something so mythologically significant it will add to the spiritual experience.

Shiva and yoga are inseparable. Just like Shivalinga (the perfect ellipsoid shape Linga) and science of energies. I’ve been doing yoga for a few years now and can safely say that my experiences have made me believe that there are some high energy places and some places that are devoid of it completely. These days I am far more aware of these energy experiences and long for more of it.

Surprisingly one of the most intense energy spaces I’ve been to was the 9/11 memorial in NY and one of the places I walked out most disappointed was the  Murudeshwar Shiva temple in Mangalore. What an irony!

I have to be honest: Immortals of Meluha gave the much needed fresh lease of life for Shiva. Probably the only way that our generation would find it appealing. To see Shiva as a human being and imagine him as I wanted to brought him that much closer to my heart as my yoga practices and other stories of Shiva did.

I wish to see how Shiva is revered across this fascinating country and what better way than choosing to traverse the country to visit the Jyotirlingas. 12 Jyotrilingas that are located at certain geographically and astronomically significant points. And when my guru puts it across this way, it’s even more tempting to visit them and experience the energy in these spaces.

“These temples were consecrated according to the science of energizing forms. This is the science of using life energies to enhance human life in a phenomenal way”

So, I made a small promise to myself when I bought my Versys 650.  To visit all these 12 Jyotirlingas on it. Ambitious? Nay, it’s exactly the kind of adventure this motorcycle is made for.  Would it be too much to think or believe that somewhere on one of these rides I may discover the purpose of my life or that my life has no purpose at all?

Needless to say that the first road trip I did was to Srisailam to see the shrine of Lord Mallikarjuna. I was still coming to terms with the motorcycle and it wasn’t even registered. Goes to show how serious I am about this idea of riding to the 12 Jyotirlingas. 

Ride to Srisailam - Jyotirlinga .jpg
After conquering the Nallamalai Hills to visit the first of the 12 Jyotirlingas (Mallikarjuna temple)

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