Hyderabad’s new Kawasaki showroom!

Let me break the news! The IKM’s own dealer network in Hyderabad will be run by Orange Auto that has experience in running Honda & Chevy sales/service operations.

What has been concerning is that all over India, the limited set of IKM showrooms & service centers are fully operational but in Hyderabad even the building isn’t ready 2 months after the announcement.  It’s been very frustrating.

After following up several times to service my Versys 650 and to help book a Z650 for a friend, I finally got invited to the existing Orange Chevy showroom on Banjara Hills Road #12. Much to my surprise, the 2017 fleet of Kawasaki motorcycles were up for display. I couldn’t take my eyes off the 2017 Versys 650 for a while and then convinced myself that black is better because it goes unnoticed.

Kawasaki Versys 650 2017 India Hyderabad
It’s as comfortable as a car for sure. Similar mileage.

There was a motorcycle that eventually made me take my eyes off the Versys. The World SBK champion, ZX-10R. Too bad it’s only available in the KRT color. The winter testing color would have blown my senses away.

Kawasaki ZX-10R India Hyderabad

Then suddenly:

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed that some of these were test ride motorcycles. Can you imagine test riding a Kwacker? Hell, I didn’t even see my Versys 650 until a day before the delivery. Oh my god! They are actually giving test rides. Test rides baby!

I remember coming off a Triumph showroom/test ride experience that wow’ed me so much that if I could have afforded any of their motorcycles, I would have bought them that moment. Heck, even the the Benelli showroom/test ride experience was impressive. Then, there was Kawasaki (run by Bajaj at that time), that wouldn’t even have display motorcycles.  I was told that I may have to go to Pune for a test ride!

The only reason I bought a Kwacker was because of its reputation for building high quality and flawless motorcycles. Imagine, getting the opportunity to test ride these machines before buying – best thing to come out of IKM’s decision.

Kawasaki Z650 2017 Hyderabad India

In fact, I test rode the Z650 and was completely floored by it. The reduced weight, the silky smooth gearbox (compared to my Versys 650) and the refined sound, make for a complete city & highway adrenaline rush machine. 

However, the biggest surprise was in the basement.  The Z900! #holycow

Kawasaki Z900 India Hyderabad.jpg

I got a quick tour of the upcoming showroom and service center. Can’t wait to see it fully operational with the huge space and great infrastructure. It doesn’t hurt that the new Kawasaki showroom is on the same road as the Triump showroom. Grapevine has it that the Ducati showroom could open nearby soon. Wonder what impact they will have on each other.

Hoping to see a lot of green goblins coloring the roads in Hyderabad. Let’s make the pink city a little green, shall we? Good luck, Orange Kawasaki!

Couple of more pictures from my recent visit:




2 thoughts on “Hyderabad’s new Kawasaki showroom!

  1. Hi, i am planning to get a verysys may be in another six months or so, so wanted to know if you have got any information on the parts cost, tried on google but does not seem to be available. I am convinced that it is an excellent tourer.. but as with the conditions around us in India .. was like thinking lets say post 5-6 years . .what would be the cost of the parts of some wear and tear .. might need replacement.. like the radiators, exhausts.., or pistons .. or carburetors.. appreciate your help


    • Sudhir, maybe it’s too early for me to comment how expensive the maintenance will be in 4-5 years time. The great thing about Versys is that it’s a 6000km interval between services. So in the first year, I spent about ~4,500 per service.

      In terms of other expense, good tires will cost you around 20k. Air filter + Oil filter comes to ~2,500 and change required at every 12,000km. Other than that, it’s wear and tear. From the forums and my research, if it’s maintained well, it doesn’t go deep into your pocket.


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