Long awaited & much needed service!

I’ll hold off talking about Kawasaki’s sales and after-sale services, but for now, the most important thing is that I get to “officially” service my Versys 650 under IKM. It took me 2 months of waiting – almost as much time it took for them to deliver my bike after I had booked it.

I’ll hold off talking about Orange Kawasaki and my ongoing conversations with them over the last few weeks. That’s a story of its own.  Anyway, they finally agreed to service my motorcycle and I didn’t mind one bit that it would be done in a cellar!

The Versys 650 manual recommends to top up the fluids every 6000kms and service the motorcycle completely every 12,000km. The fact that it can be ridden 12,000km without almost no maintenance for a year is a joy!

The Indian weather and road conditions are demanding and it’s better to consider every 6000km as major service rather than a top up.

The 12,000km service requires some parts to be changed and a lot of checks. The changes include engine oil, air filter, oil filter, & spark plugs. The checks include suspensions, drive chain, brake and clutch operations, tires, and battery. Then there is something called Engine Vacuum Sync.

Versys 650: Ready for the 12,000km service

Prelude: I’ve been troubling the service head (Phani) ever since the number has been up on the Kawasaki India website. He’s always picked up my calls and responded to my messages to keep me posted on the progress (or lack of it).  When he finally offered to service my Versys 650 so I could do a 1000+ ride, I was thrilled.

Interlude: To me, there is nothing more joyful than to watch an expert mechanic work on a motorcycle. The new Orange Kawasaki technicians looked very professional and completed the service in a few hours. Everyone was courteous and worked with sincerity.

Versys 650  Being Serviced.jpeg

Must admit, after the very crass experience at the KTM/Pro-biking service, this sort of  royal treatment feels good. I’m looking forward to experiencing the fully operational service center soon.  I feel pretty confident that this is first step in the right direction for IKM. 

Spares & Cost: I had to procure HiFlo air-filter and oil-filter since the OEM stocks weren’t available yet. The prices were very similar to stock. The engine oil had to be Motul 7100 4T 10W50 as recommended by Kawasaki (2 liters). Couldn’t get the spark plugs changed though. Including  service charges of ₹1,145, the total expense was ₹6,265. My first service at 6000km cost ₹4,445 (engine oil & oil filter were changed).

Postlude: I did yet another of those 1000+ km rides immediately after the service. Just like I did the last time around. This time though, I came back happy and the performance improvement was so obvious that I’ve started enjoying the crazy acceleration and was riding at much higher speeds.

Versys 650 after 12000km service .jpeg



9 thoughts on “Long awaited & much needed service!

    • Hi Sanjay, I’m fine, thank you. I hope you are doing well too. Versys 650 now will cost about 7.5 lakhs on road or slightly more depending on which state you are from.


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