Third ride to Bengaluru. Third!

When you live in Hyderabad, one inevitable road trip you’ll end up doing is to Bengaluru. Not because you like the city but because the roads leading to it are too good to miss out on. Plus, it’s quicker than taking a train and sometimes even the a flight.

Hyd to Blr Highway.jpg

Ah, that fantastic stretch of NH7. I’ve done several trips on this road in the decade that I’ve lived here. Some good ones, some forgettable, and some that I was wondering why I even decided to go on. I thought it would be interesting to capture how the it felt across these 3 trips, each of which was the first 1000+ ride after each of my serviced.

The first ride: There was definitely some excitement but my mind was preoccupied with trying not to put the motorcycle down and reach Bengaluru in one piece. It took me about 200km to gain some sort of confidence and after that it was pretty much a cruise to the city.  Oh, there were some rains too. But the biggest feeling I had at the end of the ride was sigh of relief.

Ride 1: All about getting used to the height & weight of the Versys

The second ride: The infamous ride where the service center had messed up with the suspension and the entire ride back from Bengaluru was all about regretting why I even went to that service center and fuming about the lack of skilled mechanics for big motorcycles. The frustration led me to spend the next 3 months understanding the suspension and other aspect of the motorcycle better.

Ride 2: Getting to know the bike and it’s nuances better.

The third ride: Perhaps one of the most boring and yet fulfilling ride. Boring because I knew exactly what to expect from the Versys and that very familiar highway. Yeah, I was yawning for most part of the ride. Fulfilling because I’ve understood the motorcycle really well, it’s riding better than it ever has, the servicing concerns seem to be sorted, and that feeling of having mastered it all.

Ride 3: As good as new. Maybe even better.  I can hear it plead to me about going on other roads.

Honestly, I don’t want to ride to Bengaluru anymore. It served as a good training ground for me to now start exploring all the other NH and SH roads across the country.

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