My perfect picture yet

“Don’t buy it in black”, said one of my photographer friend. I would have gone for either the green or white this time, but the odds were against me for sure. 2015 Versys 650 came only in black in India.

Black color makes it difficult to capture photos and it literally disappears on the road for sure. But, has its benefit too. It doesn’t stand out in the crowd and very easy to miss. That has become my most important needs these days.

While I loved all the attention when the motorcycle was new and maybe a little disappointed with the parallel twin’s sound (or lack of thereof), these days I’m glad that my Versys goes unnoticed. Even KTM Duke and RE Himalayan seem to get noticed more.

On several occasions, I’ve tried to get a photo that looks better than an amateur clicking away on his phone. So when another photographer friend of mine took a session on basics of photography, I listened with full attention hoping to learn a few rules that will help me get there.

When we discussed this photo during the session, the realization dawned that I got lucky with this photo because of the location and time. Obviously, it’s a sunset at Goa!

A few weeks after the session, I end up in a place like this with photos that looks like these! After applying the lessons on framing, the rule of thirds, innumerable number of clicks, and some basic editing, it looked like this…

And this is probably the best I’ve taken so far. Perfect picture yet.

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