Typical conversation at a gas station

Warning: When you are on a Versys, the following conversation could happen with you in any language in any state and almost every gas station you may stop to fuel up. 


Me: Tank full, please.

Staff: How much did the motorcycle cost?

Me: Around seven lakhs.

Staff: Wow! that much for a two-wheeler?

Me: Yeah but…

Staff: What’s the mileage you get?

Me: About 20 if I’m lucky.

Staff: You could have got a car no sir? It would have cost you as much and would have given you same mileage.

Me: Yeah but…

Staff: Tank full done.

Me: Thank you

I’m just glad I have to have this conversation only once every 400km. Merits of the large tank capacity really appreciated. 

The waiting continues…

I’m not even surprised. Delays are inevitable when it comes to new launches and there is no point complaining. The showroom had promised 15 days waiting before delivery and it’s almost a month now. After a few back and forth, the manager got on the line and said “Even the first lot hasn’t be dispatched yet from the Chakan plant in Pune. I’ll keep you posted”  Yeah right, he’ll keep me posted for sure!

Even the display unit hasn’t arrived in Hyderabad and there is nothing I can do right now other than wait. The manager even promised to hand me over the display motorcycle a couple of days after it arrives. But hey, I’m in no hurry!

In the mean while, there is this amazing video I keep going back to and dream on…