What’s bad?

I’d love to claim that it’s a flawless motorcycle. But, you know as much as I do that none of human’s creation is without it’s flaws. So here goes…

Pillion rider’s plight: Well, it’s tough enough to get on the Versys 650 even as a rider.  If you have to get on it as a pillion, then good luck. It’s tough and almost impossible for someone to get on the pillion seat, but if they do manage to get on it, the experience is pretty comfortable. You better start watching some videos so you can teach them how to mount on the pillion seat correctly. Better still, always stop next to raised platform for them to get off and get on. As a friend of mine says, “with that saree guard and seat height, it pretty much reminds me of the upper berth in a train”


Buffeting: I’ve tried all 3 levels of the windshield setting and there still is a fair bit of buffeting noise once you cross 85km/hour. It’s a noise you’ll have to learn to live with. Cotton in the ears didn’t help. Maybe some good earplugs? Multiple helmets also tested to no avail. Maybe, you want to convince yourself that it’s better to hear the noise than allow the wind to hit your body all day and wear you down.


Turn off that light: If you didn’t know, the headlight is always on. That means you’ll have to learn to ignore the hand signal (below) from everyone who happens to notice your motorcycle. While it’s a good exercise for them, sometimes you just wish you could switch off the headlight and make all those concerned Indian citizens feel that they’ve contributed to saving some battery wastage for the country.