What’s good?

When you get a motorcycle for this price, there better be some good things. I’ll keep adding to this list as I experience them.

  • Suspension: There is no doubt that the suspension on this motorcycle is easily one of the best I’ve experienced. Go over any speed breaker or pot hole at any speed and you won’t feel a thing. There was a moment in my last trip when I completely missed a big pothole and was sure of a fall or at least a suspension bottom out. Neither, it just went over it like absolutely nothing happened. Truly incredible. If you have some continuous speed breakers which you are tired slowing for, just stand up and let it pass. You won’t feel a thing and yet can’t help but smile.

  • Cruising speed: This is indeed the true joy of Versys 650 (in fact, of any higher displacement engine). You know for a fact that you’ll be covering a lot more  kilometers, very fast, on any highway of your choice without having to push the motorcycle real hard. You will be close to 100km/hour revving at 1/3rd of it’s full capacity. That’s riding the engine without straining it for hours and hours. You get the distance and speed you’ve always wanted without having to push your (and the motorcycle’s) limits. Sit back and relax.


  • Seats: They may not be gel seats – oh, how I wish they were. You may still want to stop after a couple of hours with a slight saddle sore but few minutes later you’ll be eager to get back on and do another couple of hours. They are more than comfortable for your weekend trip but if you want to do a week long trip, then I’d highly recommend the B-twin gel shorts and your rides will be even more pleasurable. Say goodbye to saddle sores!